Monday, October 15, 2012

Teeth and Ecclesiastes chap 12 vs 3.

Sounds like Scotty is having the time of his life which thrills me.  I can't believe that he has accomplished so much and grown into this hard-working, responsible man!  Who would've thunk it?!?  I am so glad he is enjoying his new companion, Elder Hovley.  Elder Hovley will never be the same again!  I am so glad Scotty is keeping a journal because it sounds like he is having some really amazing experiences...and a bit of entertainment too.  This is a great letter, don't just skim over it; if you do, you will miss a lot.  

Dear Mama,
       I am so much happy to hear all this stuff. I see you found the  pictures Sister Roggia put up.
     Mom, as you are having a hard time with things do not ever think of  giving up. I know you are meant to be teaching special education. You were even called to take care of Jason for a reason. And it was to bring you into that field. Mom, I want to thank you for the wonderful example you have always been to me. Your dedication to this gospel is no doubt one of the major reasons I have ended up going on a mission. I have always looked up to you for that. Just keep your head level in
     Honestly I do not know how I feel about how Jared and his GF broke up.  I truly might think it is a good thing. When I was younger I never cared but now I would never date a girl unless she had strong morals and standards backed by the Church. So this is probably best for Jared. And it will definitely help prepare him for a mission which is now sooner then we thought. I am so excited for everyone preparing for missions. It is going to be so wonderful to hear about them going.
      Mom, things are so cool in our area right now. Now that I am senior companion I feel really proud of the work we are accomplishing. Before I wondered if I was just tagging along to my previous companions success. Because he was in charge mainly calling the shots. But now that that is me. I feel so wonderful seeing the Gospel change lives. We are having 2 baptisms this weekend and they are such wonderful converts. It is an older woman and her 13 year old son. They truly understand the Gospel and are living it. It is so encouraging seeing these things happening. I cannot fathom how hard it would be to stay motivated in some of those missions where they do not even get baptisms.
      Elder Hovley and I are having so much fun. Sometimes I am amazed we are able to get any work done. But we manage to do it. I love being able to help him adjust to Africa. I am proud to call him my son.
      So my mind has gone blank as to what would be cool to talk about this week. Maybe I will share about one of our members we found. So one day when were contacting in the village of New York. We were going around parts I have never been before. I asked this women if she was interested in our message and she said "No! Mi na Muslim." But she then directed us to some woman who was Christian. So a neighboring young boy showed us the house. So after we met the woman we left and
the young boy said "Come meet my father he is a Christian." So we went over and there was a shirtless old man laying on a bench next to the big pile of dirt in his home. We looked at his desk and it was covered with books like the teachings of Joseph Smith. Turns out this man has been a member of the church for many years now. But due to his health he is unable to attend Church. So we found him and no one even knew he was there. So we visit him weekly now and he just asks us about
scriptures and stuff. He is an amazing man. Sometimes it seems like he may be losing it small. He asked us to explain the last chapter of Ecclesiastes chapter 12. Man his interpretations were the funniest things I have ever heard. Read Ecclesiastes chap 12 vs 3. He thought it was referring to his teeth. Because the "Keepers of the House shall tremble" he thought the house was his mouth. "And the grinders shall cease because they are few" he mentioned how his teeth are almost all gone and the grinding of his food is ceasing. I laughed so hard.
      But I cannot think of much to say about this week. Lets see. Some drunk lady came and sat down against me yesterday and just sat there pinching my skin talking about how fine it is. But honestly these things are normal to me now. Nothing surprises me.... So life is cool.  But I hope all things are well. I hope my package comes soon. So I do not know what I want in a package. But what would be nice is if you and Dad could send me like 30 dollars or so in packages so I can have some more personal money. But in the packages mainly put sweet food. I want more chocolate pudding(a lot). And Mac N Cheese. But everything thing is good.  So let me know how things keep going. Love you.
Love yo son, Elder McDonald

Monday, October 8, 2012

Scotts' Brand New Son, Elder Hovley

Elder Scott McDonald with his new companion next to him, Elder Ken Hovley
Dear Mama,
We wont be watching conference til next month. But we heard the news
about the mission age change. That is absolutely insane. To think I am
one of the last ones to go out at 19 when it was the age. I think the
girls age is even crazier. Now that they will be getting back around
the same time as the boys their age. It will be a very good thing for
these young men to begin their missions immediately after high school.
I think a lot do not go because they get caught up in school or some
other business.
So I hope you got some pictures off the mission blog! I am in a bunch
and there is a bunch of our apartment. We are in the Grafton
Apartment. You can even see me leading the other Elders to church :)
I will still try to get some pictures out hopefully soon. So have
Jared write me Dear Elders or something. It is really hard to write
other than you and Dad at email. But I love receiving letters no
matter who they are from.
So things are going sweet. We just had 2 baptisms on Saturday and I
got to have my brand new son Elder Hovley perform the baptisms! It was
a sweet time. Even though it was a bit chaotic because our candidates
were late.
So yesterday was fast Sunday. Fast and Testimony meetings are always
my favorite. I love seeing some of my recent converts go up. And they
always tell a story involving me so it is fun. Oh mom, I honestly
never know what to say in these. There is so much to say that I feel
like I cannot begin. But I hope all things are well there. Keep
telling me about everyone. I will try to improve on my writing skills.
I think I will make next weeks more exciting. Cause my life is very
exciting but I feel like I have not expressed that. So prepare for
hopefully a detailed letter of my life.
Love yo bobo,
Elder McDonald

Just a FYI, Elder Hovley is a close friend of Scotts' friend Kait...small world!
Their apartment with baptism clothes hanging out to dry
Grafton District apartment, Scotty with his new comp, Elder Hovley to his right with blonde hair
The new elders and trainers were on their way to the Kossoh Town Branch a few kilometers away.  First time! Elder McDonald (on the far right) is the only one that knows the way.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Wok Hea de na Rokel

Another letter from mi pikin!  I love Monday's because I get to hear from Scotty.  His letters are the highlight of my week.  I am so happy that  he is working so hard and doing so well.  He seems to really be embracing the work and gaining some great work ethics.  Scotty has never been one to work super hard at anything except sleeping and playing, so he is learning a whole new way of living.  I will post his letter....still waiting on some pictures to soon as I get some, I will let you all know.  Don't forget to write him through

Dear Mama,
It sure sounds like you have become quite the druggie. I seem to hear
about all your mistakes you make when you are on your highs. But I am
glad things are going well back home.

Mam, you dont call me "Yo Pikin". You should say Mi Pikin.
So I noticed on the blog you left in my baptisms... and the part where
I said to remove it.... Were you on yo pills mom?! Do not worry though
I am not bothered. But I do not want to be seeming to brag on the

So this week has been sooooo busy. My area has split into 3. And now
my companion and I have almost no investigators. Sooo we have been
contacting new people everyday and it is not easy. Not easy at all!
But I know the work will go well as long as we use the Spirit and work
as hard as we can. This last week I have been working harder than I
ever thought was in me. But I am also training.

I received the wonderful Elder Hovley. He is fresh from MTC. He comes
from Centerville. I am so excited for him in how he is just beginning
to witness the miracles in mission. I know together we will be able to
do great wok hea de na Rokel. But me ah de rayt only smol no mor tude.
I laughed when I saw you say you know I have been working hard because
my letters are getting shorter.

As I am out here longer I do not have much to say about Africa
anymore. To be honest when I first was coming out and when I first got
out I was mostly excited about the Africa aspect. But now almost every
thought is directed towards di wok. I realize I do not always have
much to say. But I am so overwhelmed each time I try to think of what
to write because there are so many experiences. I am even having a
hard time keeping up in my journal. It truly is a busy life. But I
have gone beyond my own strength and energy. I keep getting out each
day and the drive and energy is certainly not coming from my self. 

But mama I hope all things continue well at home. I hope your bladder
problems get solved. And I really liked everything in the package,
send me more yo. I really loved the pudding especially. I would love
more chocolate it is easy to make. And candy corn and oreos and all I
loved it so much. But I want you to know I de do great. Mission is
changing me so much. And I am so glad for it. I am excited for Jared
when he receives the same opportunity. But mama I gee yu adu. An di
fambo dem, grit em gee wi. (PS when you read the krio, the letter i
makes the e sound).

Love yo bobo, Elda McDonald

There are lots of shacks with grass roofs in the interior part of Sierra Leone.