Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elder Busche is my Favorite - 3/4/2013

Written March 4, 2013
Dear Mama,

I am so happy to have found this. I was very worried when I did not see a letter from you in my inbox. But apparently it had put you in spam. But I found it.

I am so happy you are doing well, that you feel well. As I read your letter, my mind was taken to something’s we learned this week. As you spoke of your trials and afflictions.  Read Alma 36:3 and Alma 38:5, it talks about 2 things that can happen when a person puts their trust  in God, what God will do for them concerning their trials, troubles and afflictions. You are likened to Helaman, and some are likened unto Shiblon.

We even learned some more about finding out who we were in the Pre-Earth Life.  Who we agreed to become, and now look at who we are. And who are we going to be. I am so grateful to have a Mother and Father who have always taught me what I should do. Set an example for me.

I know that our family has experienced many things in order to refine us. We are a goofy bunch, Heavenly Father needs to beat us good importantly it is helping who we need to become and who we are doesn’t he?  But it is what has made us who we are now. But most going to become. It is certainly true you learn a lot on your mission. But I think I am always going to continue to learn from my mission, I cannot fathom the lessons I miss and do not recognize each day. That someday my mind may. I am especially happy to hear about Angela, it is sad it had to take so long before she was truly offered the Gospel. But lots of healing will take place.

I was surprised to see you send me something from Elder Busche.  
I do not know if you remember but he is one of my favorite seventies of all time. The book I read of his is one of the best books I have ever read. I have a lot of respect for that man and I loved this writing. In the mission we have a lot of opportunities opening up in the next week or 2. My district will be growing from 4 Elders to 8. Both of our areas are splitting. So things are going to be busy, but I am excited, day after we receive transfer news, to see such growth. I am looking forward to let you know more next Monday after we receive the transfer news. 

Anyways, I love you mama, 
Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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