Monday, December 17, 2012

Six Months Already!!!!

Scotty is being transfered to an even more remote area of Sierra Leone.  I asked him quite a few questions about his living conditions and the area around him, which he answered in this letter.  I am anxious to hear about his move and being made a District Leader.  I know without a doubt, Scotty will make a great leader for the district, as he has already proven in training so  many new elders.  

Dear Mama,
I am glad you are able to see about the 3000th stake thing. It was a
sweet thing to be apart of.
So this is the last week of my 4th transfer. This is the last week I
will be training Elder Hovley. He will now be training a new Elder
here in Rokel. I am so happy he will be training. That also means I
will have a grandson. Wahoo.

I am now being transferred to the city of Bo. My area is called Njaie
Town. I am so excited. I have actually been called to the District
Leader of Bo District as well. I will be leaving this Thursday. I will
be the senior companion to an Elder Lokpo. He is the same MTC group as
Elder Hovley. But he is from Cote d'ioviore and I guess when he came
he could not speak even a bit of English. He had a french speaking
trainer so hopefully he knows some English now. But out here they do
not have an English training for the French speaking Elders. So he has
to pick it up as he goes. So I hope I will be able to communicate with

I will be hitting 6 months on Saturday! I cannot believe it has come
so fast. Mission is just getting faster. I hope everything is going on
alright at home. 

The area I was living in is pretty rural. But Bo is suppose to be even
more so. There in Waterloo our plumbing does not work properly,
everything leaks but maybe 2 or 3 times a week we have water flowing
out a faucet in back. And occasionally we get power mostly on
weekends. But in Njaie Town we will be fetching by well. Out in
Waterloo people do random small things to sustain themselves. But
truly it is very undeveloped. Everyone lives in either a concrete home
still without lights or water or a sheet metal shack.

So how is Justins business going? How is he doing? I hope all are doing well.
I am now going to be a Njaie Town Elder next time you hear from me!

Love your son
Elder Scott McDonald

Exchanging Gifts
Time to play Scripture Jeopardy
The Missionary Gang!  What is that hanging out of Scotty's mouth?

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