Monday, November 26, 2012

Yay, A Letter From Scotty!!!

It has been a couple of weeks since Scotty has been able to write me or his dad.  He is in an area that has very poor internet service.  Before, he was able to go to a internet cafe and send off an email without too much trouble.  The letter is short, but at least I was able to hear from him.

Dear Mama,
This is my second time trying to email you today. I have spent about 1
1/2 hours to get into my email.
So sorry I have not been able to email you for a while now. Things
have not gone well in the internet department. As well as being very
Things are going very well with the missionary work at the moment.
Elder Hovley and I are doing very well with working with the spirit.
We have so many spiritual experiences. I wish I had more time to type.
I am looking forward to my package hopefully it comes before Christmas
time. But also look into international calling for Christmas. By the
time that rolls around I will probably be in a new area though.
The transfer ends on Dec 16th and then I will be finished training
Elder Hovley and he will take over Rokel and I will go some side.
I hope all goes well. Do not worry about me mom. I am like 1000000
times tougher than you.
But you better stay tough. And tell everyone I love them. Especially
Dad. I do not have time to get an email to both of you today.
Love you dearly,
Love yo son Elder McDonald

 Left to right, Elders Walker, Woodhead, Serafine and McDonald.  Elder McDonald says, "Hi, Mom."  They have had trouble with the internet staying up at their Waterloo internet cafe so there have been no emails to home for two weeks.

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