Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moving Day to Waterloo

I was getting worried today because I had not heard from him and neither had his dad.  After checking and checking my email, I decided to go to Brother and Sister Lauritzen's website  and there I found a possible reason why I haven't heard anything and that I shouldn't be worrying.  Here are some great photographs of Scotty and his fellow companions moving to their new apartment in Waterloo, which is the new area that Scotty helped to open. These photos are from their blog as are the captions.  I am so thankful that they are watching over my son and the rest of these amazing young missionaries.  We are so blessed to have these men out serving and teaching the Gospel.  

 Elders McDonald and Woodhead at the Grafton apartment.

Moving day at Grafton.  The Waterloo elders and the Rokel elders left the Grafton apartment and moved to the new Waterloo apartment.  The mission is expanding.  The young man in the center always hangs out at the Grafton elders' apartment.

The whole gang before the split.  From left to right:  Elder Aniabre, Elder Woodhead, Elder Iheanacho, Elder Bogh, Elder McDonald, Elder Serafine, Elder Nwoso, and Elder Hovley.

  Elder Bogh and a dismembered fan.  Said today, "This is the best mission in the world."


Elder Aniabre ... the district leader for the new Waterloo District ... a quiet but mature missionary and a natural leader.

The new Waterloo District, left to right:  Elder Hovley, Elder McDonald, Elder Bogh and Elder Aniabre.

The moving is done.  It's just about time to go hunt down something for dinner.

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