Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love Yo Pikin?

Well, before I post Scotty's letter, I need to let you all know that he cannot see the comments....sorry everyone.  I will put the comments in my letter to him.  He has very limited internet access, which is why he loves it when he gets letters through "DearElder.com"  It is simple to write him that way, just type it up on the site, they make a hard copy and it is delivered to him through the mission home.  I can tell that he is working very hard because his letters are getting shorter.  Thank you everyone for supporting Scotty on his mission.  This blog really helps me feel a part of him and keeps me going week to week. In his letter, I have put a link to a site that tells you about the village of Rokel where Scotty is working right now.

Dear Mama,
I am so much happy to hear from you. I am glad you are able to see the pictures the Sister Roggia has even though they are few. I have been trying to send some but the internet is hardly sufficient enough to email. In fact we are lucky I am able to email today for a while I thought I was not going to be able to. But the guy gave me some free extra time so I can finish. So firstly I am unable to see comments on the blog so I do not know what those people have said. Tell Ashlee to not be lazy and just write me. Dear Elder is so easy and free.

Sounds like the temple dedication was sweet. I will be excited to attend in 2014. I wish there was a temple here. I have grown to really miss it. But oh well for now. So the missionary work is going so sweet right now. You say you want to know how many baptisms mom? I will tell you but do not state the number on blog. I do not want to brag about an ordinance of God.  I just finished my 2nd transfer yesterday and now I am a fully trained missionary. My companion and I are now splitting. He is going to Kenema and I am taking over Rokel. I am actually going to be training a new Elder coming out of the MTC this week. So I will be his trainer for the next 3 months. I am super excited about it. He is lucky cause I have some sweet baptisms for us this next couple weeks he will get to do.

But the weather is nice. I have acclimatized to the humidity quite well so I do not feel it to much. But I still sweat a lot more than I did back home so I know the humidity is still there.

So you say you want to be able to do some research about where I am? My area has now split and 2 different elders will take Waterloo. So I am in charge of just Rokel. Rokel is not really a city, it is more of a mixture of villages spread out so you will not find much on it. It is geographically huge and has ton of people. But it is very rural.

Hehe Mom you keep talking about how Americans complain when we have so much and when these people have so little they are grateful. Hehe that is how it is for some but most people whine and complain. Which they do have reasons, but it is complaining that makes you unhappy more so than the things you are complaining about. These people have nothing but they are trying to live lifestyles of material substance. They are skipping necessities and going for wants. So they are having a lack of progression. They are indeed jumping up in Maslows hierarchy of needs. So when these people are able to ground themselves and actualize what they need to do. They will begin to progress. But with a lack of the Gospel there is to much selfishness, people step on one another for personal gain a lot here. And I have experienced it first hand being a white man out here. These people expect it to be done for them and do not want to pull things together themselves.

But then we get the people who truly suffer, who truly try, who truly are grateful for the small things they get and who truly work and the circumstances are always against them. Those people I have so much respect for. The trials these people have faced have either strengthened and humbled them to an amazing extent. Or they broke and have turned to bitterness. But my heart goes to those that are humble and they are the ones who are truly ready for the Gospel.

But thats my thoughts for now, I am lacking time to share much more. But I love you and I hope all things continue well.
Love yo pikin,
Elder McDonald

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