Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zone Conference - Becoming More Christ Like

Scotty had a wonderful experience and learned a great deal at the Zone Conference.  In his letter he shares a little about the message of Elder Sitati's talk. Scotty seems to be a sponge, soaking up every morsel of knowledge he can, and applying it in his life.  He is setting such a wonderful example for me, and giving me a greater desire to apply the teachings of our Savior and become more like Him.  And oh how I wish I could have heard him sing, I am sure it was absolutely beautiful and sung with the spirit.
Thank you to everyone who is writing to Scotty, I know that means so much to him.  Several of you have asked how to write him since he is not allowed to receive emails from anyone except family.  The best way to contact him is through  You will set up a brief profile then choose his mission, type in his name, and write your letter write in the application.  It is printed up on a hard copy and put in a pouch that goes to the mission home on a weekly basis.  He is then able to reply by hand-writing a letter and putting it back in the pouch.  He loves to hear about the happenings at home, but with all the work he is doing, I am amazed he has any free time at all. I hope to have some pictures from the Zone Conference in the next couple of days.

Dear Mama,

The Zone Conference with Elder Sitati was amazing. He was able to give us so much instruction to apply to our lives. What really stuck out to me is how we can become more Christ Like. So he broke it down. I will go through it how he did. So before we become we have to make an action. Before the action comes choice. And what governs our choice is our desire. And there are 2 places that desires come from; the spirit and the physical/natural body. So it all roots down to getting our spirit in control over our bodily desires. And from then on out everything will come itself. Also during the conference, we actually had me and my Grandfather (trainers trainer) Elder Wuthrich sing a duet of Joseph Smiths First Prayer. It was soooo sweet.

 Oh man I miss those foreign movies. I really miss sitting down each night and watching some weird movie with a pumpkin pie in hand. Oh speaking of which I got your package on Friday. Man do I love it. I have already eaten most of it. But I have shared some because I like to see if the Africans like it. But oh man yeah it is good stuff. I hope there will be another sent out soon. I am now good on soy sauce for a very long time. Also in my next package can you send me my exercise stretchy bands and a jump rope. And I could also use some clippers. 

But things are going so sweet this transfer. Time is going so fast. We are having some wonderful new converts coming in lately. We have had 6 baptisms this transfer and are having 3 this Saturday and that will finish the transfer. I love all the pictures you have sent. You should continue to send me packages of with developed pictures in them as well. But I love you and hope everything continues well.

Love your son, Elder McDonald.

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