Monday, November 5, 2012

Book of Mormon and Shieks

I am a bit late putting this on the blog, sorry about that.  This is his letter from last Monday, and I will have a new one to post tomorrow as tomorrow is Missionary Letter Day!!!!!  I look forward to Monday mornings every week as they are the day that I feel connected to Scotty.  He is companions with a great new missionary who is friends with Kait Boman, a very special friend of Scotty.  I am so proud of how strong he has become, and that is he able to share his testimony and strength with the new elders he has been assigned.  I may be prejudiced, but I feel they have the best example in the entire mission. I know that my testimony has grown since Scott has been on his mission, as I feel the spirit closer than ever.  Today was Fast and Testimony meeting and I truly felt his strength in me as I bore my testimony.  I feel that I have not shared with my testimony enough with my children which is so important as they develop their own testimonies.  Scotty, I know you are reading this, and I want you to know that you are setting such a great example for so many of us here. We love you and miss you so much!!!!
Scotty and his wonderful companion Elder Hovley on their first meeting with Shieks from Saudi Arabia

Dear Mama,
This week has been a very interesting week for Elder Hovley and I. All started last Sunday. We had 2 people baptized the day before a mother and her son. They missed confirmations and got to Church during the
Sacrament. As soon as it was over and I went to talk to her. She was so saddened she had missed it. We visited her after Church. We got there and she was standing outside still in her Church clothes just very upset she now had to go one more week before she was a member with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. So we had a small lesson and we didn't have much to share with them. She explained she feels there are spirits there at night. So we told her let us know if it continues. So we shared a scripture and asked them if they had any questions. Her son a 13 year old boy who was very sad about missing it as well, looked at me and asked "What does it feel like to have the Holy
Ghost?" My heart dropped. I felt inspired just to remind him he knows what it has felt like, and we reflected on his spiritual experiences that let him to conversion. From here on out we couldn't think of anything else to tell them, then I just had the urge to bear my testimony to them. It was a very powerful short meeting. But now they were confirmed yesterday, and her son received the Aaronic Priesthood,  we visited them once again after church. And they were just beaming with smiles. They were so happy, I felt so happy as well. But after discussing a bit, she asked if we would say a prayer for her house because of the feelings and things she hears at night. So I said a
special prayer for them. Afterwards I felt prompted to let them know that it will improve not because of the prayer but because they now have the Holy Ghost and especially she now has a Priesthood holder in the home. So we will follow up on that this week.  

On Thursday we were contacting in our area and we were almost to the top of the mountain so we decided to hit the top. It was a super steep hike but we have some pictures from it I will try to send soon. But what was truly
wierd was afterwards we met with this Muslim man who said he has some people he wanted us to meet. So we went with him to this Hotel Courtyard in our area and met with these 2 Shieks from Saudi Arabia they are hear working on some Islamic stuff. But we discussed religion on very friendly terms. We actually made a plan to meet again and exchange Books of Mormon with Qu'rans. So we met again with them Sunday and I sincerely believe they will read the BoMs. But I now own a very pretty Qu'ran. We have snapped some pictures with
them so I really hope we can get them to you soon. But anyways the work is wonderful and I know it is divine.

Love your Son, 
Elder McDonald

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