Monday, December 17, 2012

Can' Wait to Hear His Voice!

Scotty is now a District Leader which will keep him busier than ever.  If anyone can do it, Scotty can.  He has moved to an area that is even more rural than before and his companion just learned how to speak English.  I would say he has many things to learn in this new area.  I am really excited for him.


Dear Mama,

I am so happy to hear from you.
This week has been a busy week. I am now the District Leader of Bo
District. I have to prepare an instruction for tomorrow. There is so
much to do, with so little time! My new companion Elder Lokpo is an
awesome guy. He is from the Ivory Coast and so 3 months ago he spoke
no English. Now he speaks it almost perfectly. I am very excited to
work with him.

The new area, Njaie Town is soooo confusing I am always lost. We are
in the villages and it is way out there next to the jungle. But it is
such a cool looking place. I will get a lot of pictures of it. But I
am taking things small small right now. As Elder Lokpo shows me around
the area more. We have a really strong branch.

I have not received my package yet, but that is probably due to the
fact that it could be sitting in the mission office, waiting to be
carried out to Bo. So do not hold back on sending more!

I do not know if the Senior Couple out here have a blog or not. But
you could look for an Elder and Sister Schlehuber. The work is going
well. But I am trying to get into the groove of the area.

So Mom, continue to be the saint that you are and keep praying. Mom I love
you dearly.

Love your son
Elder McDonald
P.S. coordinate with Dad about the phone call on Christmas. Whoever
wants to be apart of it needs to be together. I get 1 phone call for
about an hour.


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