Monday, December 3, 2012

3000th Stake In the Church

 Scotty was able to participate in something wonderful, and that will be explained in his letter.  We don't get to hear from him much because he is out in such a remote area.  He left this note telling us how to see where he is on Google Maps.
I guess you can actually find our house on google maps. Go to a place
called Waterloo and look for the Police Station on Liddle (or Liddel)
street. We just live down from it by like 50 ft. Let me know you can
find it. It is at the very first part of Waterloo if you are heading
there from freetown. The very first junction.

The Freetown Stake Presidency is Pres. Swarray, Pres. Charles and Pres. Minna with Elder Holland.  The 3000th Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was created this morning.  We had almost a 1000 in the congregation.  This is the first stake in Sierra Leone!
Historic Day:

Dear Parents,
I am so happy to hear from you. I want you to know it is very fine to
send me long letters. I have the time to read them. I just have a hard
time getting things sent out. Many times the internet crashes as I am
typing so I continually have to restart if I was not continuously
saving or copying my current text. So I enjoy the long letters.
I am so thankful about the recovery of Jareds stuff. I hope all his
health issues are resolved. I know that no matter what he will be fine
though. It is truly a miracle that has taken place. I wish I could
have seen it first hand, but it does not make much of a difference. I
am grateful that the Lord is looking out for where I cannot. I hope
all is going well in Phoenix as well as Tremonton. Amy and Jaron say
they are doing well I see, how are the smaller kids doing with the
change? Particularly Samantha.
Back to things in Sierra Leone, things are going very fantastically at
the moment. We have had a good time in our proselyting endeavors.
Elder Hovley and I have found so many amazing investigators, the best
part is that they are mostly all potential missionaries. I would love
nothing more than to see them go on missions. There truly is no better
place in the world to be on a mission. I am guessing you might have
heard of it or you soon will. But Elder Holland came to Sierra Leone
yesterday, we attended a conference in western Freetown. Freetown west
District is now the first Stake in Sierra Leone. He came and gave an
amazing talk. The coolest thing is that he was specifically sent for
this because it was a special occasion. Sierra Leone Freetown Stake is
actually the 3000 stake ever to be created in the Church. The Church
has always celebrated the 1000 mark. The 1000th was created in Nauvoo.
The 2000th in Mexico City and now Sierra Leone has been the 3rd. It
was so cool. But it was a sweet sweet day.
So about the international call, I will probably call you for like 1
second on the phone so that you will have the number and then you just
make the long distance call back to me. So look into the cost or
whatever to make a long distance phone call. I will probably be able
to be on around an hour. I would advise maybe writing down a bunch of
questions and stuff you would like to ask me. If you want me to just
talk I will not know what to say. So get me a bunch!
So I should be getting the package soon. I am excited, also in my next
one I could use a bottle or 2 of multivitamins.
But I love you all dearly,
I will talk to you again next week :)
Love your son,
Elder Scotty Ross McDonald
P.S. my companion is currently trying to send pictures to his mother,
so hopefully they go through and you get them.
Elder Hovley and Elder McDonald enjoying some chocolate cake

 Here is an interesting picture that was on the mission blog.  What a way to move a mattress!

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