Monday, November 5, 2012

Scotty's Birthday On Halloween

Scotty just had his 20th birthday on Halloween.  I remember when he used to think that everyone was dressed up for his cute!  He has always loved having a birthday on Halloween, just gave him another great reason for celebrating such a fun holiday.  As usual, he is working very hard and struggling to find the time to do everything.  It sounds like he and Elder Hovley are working very hard and making some great plans to teach even more people each day.  I can tell he is busy because this has got to be the shortest letter I have gotten so far.

Dear Mama,
I am very happy to hear that about your schooling. I can understand
that you would not be ready for the class yet. I hope your week has
been good. Though,
So I had a fun time on Halloween, me and a couple of the Elders each
tried to eat our own individual box of bon bons that night. Wowee I
thought I was going to puke. But I still love bon o bons. So I hope
you guys had a fun Halloween. How is everyone currently doing?
I am still trying to find time to get letters out to everyone. I have
probably like 10 letters I have been meaning to write. So I will try
this week.
This past week has been wonderful. Elder Hovley and I are
experimenting with different techniques of finding and our pattern of
teaching to try to maximize our efforts. Things are going well. On
Saturday we had an amazing lesson. I do not know if I have ever felt
the spirit so strongly. I could hardly sit still. But this lady was so
flippin stubborn. We were both thinking how are you not converted
right now?!? Even though it was a first lesson. I wonder if maybe her
heart was so hardened to the Spirit, she still didn't or barely felt
what was so overwhelming to Elder Hovley and I. But we spent probably
45 mins of pure Testimony about the Book of Mormon especially. I love
all that about your testimony. A testimony is the #1 thing a
missionary needs to be armed with. Followed by the Scriptures. But no
one can ever argue your Testimony.
But I hope all goes well. I will write more back to you next week

Elders Wuthrich, McDonald and Bogh

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