Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Excited for Cameron!

Dear Mama,

I only have a small amount of time today, today is very very busy
preparing everything for the splits. But this week has been wonderful.
We had 2 sweet baptisms, a girl named Esther and another woman named
Isatu. I  will try to send the pictures next week.

So we received our transfer news. I will be receiving Elder Jones! He
was in my first apartment with me back in freetown. And as for the
other Elders, Elder Nwosu is receiving Elder Itomo. Elder Itomo was
trained by Elder Hovley. And then we are getting in Elder Arhinful in
the other Njaie Town area and he is going to train a new Elder, and in
the other area an Elder Arikpo who will be training a new elder as
well. I am very excited for it. But things will not be easy for the
next while. It is not easy having an area split.

I enjoyed reading all the stuff, I can remember the quite interesting
time I had with Brad Wilcox.

As for the books to send, do not send me the original copies, I dont
want anything to be lost or ruined. A lot of papers here get ruined or
eaten by mice. But if you can get me stuff for cheap or something.

I am so excited for Cameron. I will get in touch with him. Tell him to
send me an email with his church email address.

I am happy you feel better. Continue to improve mama,
Sorry I do not have much time today. I will have more next week.

Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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