Monday, February 18, 2013

Following Jesus Christ

Dear Mama,  

First before I forget, for the SD cards, make it look like they are not in the letter. They are secret. The full size or Micro, either one works. Just make the one for my camera full size. And put whatever music you want but make it sooo sweet! We are pretty free on music. Just send everything I would like that allows the spirit to be felt still and uplifts.

I enjoy the long letter. Makes it exciting to come for emails when I have a lot to read. I can tell that this week is going better for you, which I am happy for. I hope you had a good Birthday, I did think of you. I wish you a happy natal day. I want to try to get something, but it is still in the woodworks.

This week has been fun. We have several people going to be baptized this week. But we had a small scare yesterday, when one was interviewed we found he was from a polygamous family. But since he is older and his father’s 1st wife passed away, so that he is currently not practicing polygamy, we have permission to baptize him.  But it about broke my heart, when we went to visit him and for a small
time he was worried he would not be able to be baptized. So I am so grateful it will work out.

Elder Lokpo and I have had fun. We have walked a lot this week. The sun is different here so I do not tan all that much, but this week I think I have tanned a bite more than normal. But I am still waiting for the rain.

Brother Henry is doing great, he is so busy with work now we do not have much time to see him. Which is a blessing for him. But he is at Church every Sunday, he gave the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting

We have been meeting some sweet people this week. There is a teenage boy who stays with 2 of our people being baptized on Saturday. He had the most wonderful and inspired questions when we first met him. He has been involving himself in all the Church programs as well.

I heard from Cameron, I am so excited for him! He got his call the same day as me, exactly one year later. He is going to have fun. And holy smokes Austin is getting married?! That is crazy. Is he going to be getting married in the temple?

I really enjoy everything about your testimony of Jesus Christ, I have really been thinking more about how Jesus Christ taught, really about who Jesus Christ is. In this mission it really makes you think about Jesus Christ being the Son of God. Out here there is many Muslims who will try to attack you on that, especially those Saudi Arabian Sheiks. But it drives me deeper into my studies. No matter how I look at it, I know that Jesus Christ is my redeemer. But I am out of time.

Love you mama,
Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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