Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teaching Foday

This letter was sent Feb 4.

Dear Mama,

     I hope you are doing ok, as well as Dad.  I can tell you that it has been a good week here. We had interviews with President Roggia and it is always a great learning experience. He is a great mission president. I think the interviews are extra interesting since he was a psychiatrist. But things are going well with Elder Lokpo and I. He is the sweetest guy.

     So the music I am very excited for. Send a couple SD cards. Including one really big blank one for a back up for my camera and one that can replace the one in my camera.

     But back to the mission field. This week has been very busy. We recently received transfer news, that is always very exciting here. But there were no changes in my District. Which I am happy about, I really love the people we have. 
     We have been exploring parts of our area where we currently do not have any investigators. So we are looking to expand. We have been teaching some sweet people. My favorite one is a young man named Foday. He has so much faith, he is so sincere about the Gospel. Especially about Joseph Smith. He seemed a bit distraught when we told him about how Joseph Smith was killed. But recently we found out he has had a smoking problem since he was young, but he says now he knows he can stop. And I believe he will do so.

When the time for my mission to end comes, I do not know whether I would want to extend or not. But it is not allowed, people have not been able to extend for years now. So you can expect me in June.

     But I have not heard where Cameron is going yet. But I am very eager! I would probably throw up of excitement if it was Sierra Leone.  But I am hoping things get better for you at home. Keep praying.

Love you Mama.
Love your son,
Elder McDonald
More pictures of Bo area where Scotty is serving.
Coconut Tree

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