Sunday, February 17, 2013


Dear Mama,
     I am happy to hear about everything going on. I am thrilled you love your oil painting. I would love to take it up when I get back. This week has been a good week.
For the music, just send some SD cards inside a letter. Make sure the music are mp3 files. And as soon as I get a blank one for my camera I can send you the one I have full of pictures.
I am so excited to hear about Cameron's mission call, I hope he is writing me immediately to tell me. I know he will do well.
     I am glad to hear that Grandaddies health is well. How old is he now?
So this Saturday we had a baptism, it was our Brother Henry. He is an older man, almost 60 now. He used to be a frequent drinker and was unable to quit. But he has been able to abstain since we began teaching him. He is one of the most impressive converts I have seen. He attends everything and does everything required of him. The place we do baptisms is a distance from our Branch. And he wanted to know where the place is earlier so he went and found it on Thursday. So he called us and was excited that he found it. On Friday we went over there for an appointment. But he was unavailable, he was hired for a small construction job. He has been out of work for a good amount of time now. So we planned to see him the next day at the Baptism.
Then the next day he was baptized.
     So yesterday after he was confirmed, in Elders Quorum, people were discussing about blessings they received. He expressed how on Friday morning he did not have an money at all. And he was worried about how he would get to the Chapel. But then he was blessed with a job. This man was full of gratitude. It was very sweet.  We have had fun as a District here in Bo.
Elder Nwosu
Speaking of which my best bud Elder Nwosu, needs a girl to write. I will have a picture of him. Someone write him. You will enjoy talking with him, he is cool.
Also please thank the Young Women of the ward for the wonderful treats. I had all the neighbors that the chocolate coins were pure gold.

But I love you mama,

Try to send out the memory cards this week!
love your son
Elder McDonald
Brother Henry is standing in the middle

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