Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The True Reason We Preach the Gospel

Dear Mama,
This week has been a very nice week.

It all started last Tuesday in District Meeting. I had prepared an instruction on our purpose as missionaries. For a time I had been asking myself the true reason we Preach The Gospel. I had a mindset that whether or not I taught a person. If they would accept the Gospel they will receive it in the Spirit World. Teaching them now only brings happiness a bit earlier.

But as I posed this question to my District, I was still looking for an answer. But as I thought I was hit with inspiration.  I realized that that mindset I had was predestination. And how that is false. I realized that sure people can accept the Gospel in the spirit world, but any spirit that possesses them when they die will continue to possess them. I have realized that people are gaining these false spirits in this life not in the next. As we teach them now. We are stopping people from receiving those spirits and then help make them a Gospel-accepting person. I have had the Spirit testify to me that these people around us, we have in our hand now, can make them receive Celestial Glory. 

I have realized that if I do not do my part as a missionary, I will stand there at the Judgement bar. And I will watch a person, or entire family even. All being sent to the Telestial or Terrestrial Kingdom. And then I and them will see what I could have done to help them enter the Celestial Kingdom. We each had the magnitude of our calling sink into our hearts. It is very true what we are doing now will have an effect on us throughout all eternity. So this week I have been trying to take every investigators lessons with great care.

But this past Saturday we had 3 baptisms. A young boy name Alie and his sisters Hawa and Matinda. They are very sweet. Especially Alie. He talks about how he cannot wait to get older and go on a mission. The boy is very impressive  to me. He gets so involved in all Church activities and with all the members.  But is a funny and goofy kid.
Lately we have been chillin with the neighborhood boys. We were sparring in our veranda last Monday. We locked the doors and had a cage match. We just kept making them tap out. I have realized much of the stuff we do here, we get me sued or arrested back home. Oh the beauty of Sierra Leone mission.

 This morning we were drawing on their faces with sharpie. They looked so funny I will just have to send a picture.

So yesterday we had the sweet opportunity to have a Zone Conference in which Elder LeGrand Curtis of the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us. It is so sweet to hear from strong priesthood leaders. I am always astounded by the knowledge they have and how they can help you to feel as if you are learning so much when you think you cannot learn more.

But you are in my prayers, I hope the family is doing well. I am really going to try to get letters out this week.  I have really enjoyed the package. I am still slowly using my chocolate pudding which is the best. I have a request for another Angel Moroni tie pin. I am going to give it to my companion. In future packages you should send small things like that in 2. One for me and one for my companion.

Mama I love you with all my heart.

Love your son,

Elder McDonald

This is a drawing of the very first Stake Center in Sierra Leone.  The 3000th Stake in the church.

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