Monday, January 7, 2013

Laughter and Yagba

This letter has touched me so deeply and I know Scott is filled with the Holy Ghost as he writes. I have never seen someone grow as much in such a short amount of time as I have seen Scott grow. He has a clear vision of his purpose in Sierra Leone, and I know without a doubt that the Lord is always with him. He is teaching me so much and bringing me closer to our Savior through his simple love and abundant faith. As a mother, I could never ask for anymore in a son than this. I am going to follow his counsel and laugh more. He has always been able find humor in everything and make me laugh. I need to take on his attitude of "what about this situation can i laugh at?" I know he has shared some great counsel for all of us, especially in his example of how to be a true disciple of Christ.

Dear Mama,

One of the first things that came into my mind, was the time I broke the car window. And how I could not help but laugh. One thing I do not want you to forget while I am gone, is how to laugh. I am sure you haven't, but I guess that is what has really always helped me throughout my life. Is always look for something that can bring a smile. I have had a lot of time to think this week. I have truly tried to place in my mind what my desires are. Lately I have been really trying to figure out how I can improve. I have been trying to become as Christ-like as I can. I feel I have figured out the key in bringing the spirit into almost everyone lesson. And that is to feel genuine love for everyone person. One person I have always imagined teaching was Breck. And how I would teach him, I feel that it would be one of the most spiritual lessons. And I have realized it is because how much I care about him. The same has gone for Amy, Jaron and the kids as of late.
I am trying to learn to love with all of my heart, and I think that means I also need to continue to know how to laugh. One thing I have learned about mission is that I feel it has trials and blessings and experiences that all represent your life from 21+. You find so much happiness, but you can feel so much stress. You have moments where you are so proud, times of extreme disappointment. In Krio it is called Yagba, the ups and downs of life.

One thing I admire in you so much is how you rely on the Lord completely while still always trying to fulfill your part. You have set an example for me, lately I have really been trying to do the same. I have been trying to figure out how to really increase my faith. I am trying to figure out how to really increase my Testimony. One thing I know is that everything in this Church is true. No matter what a person says, no matter what a person does, I know it is true. But I want that Testimony to ring through my entire being, I want to be as Nephi in which people could not help but believe on his words. I was reading the other night from the teachings of Wilford Woodruff. In which he spoke of Oliver Cowderey. And that when this man bore his Testimony, it seemed as if the ground would shake. These are the desires of my heart at the moment. It has honestly been a long time now since I have cared about numbers here on mission. I just want to know I helped these people in a way that money, food or anything worldly could ever do. And I want to strengthen my spirit as much as I can while I do.

Last night, I felt as if I should begin to write poetry again. So I sat down, nothing good came to mind. So I decided to do it how I did back home. Where I lay down and go to sleep. Sometimes while I am laying there, or I will wake up and I feel I have something good to write. I do not have much yet. But something will come.

Mom, keep doing what you are doing. But look at these issues and find a reason to laugh. Find a reason that will show you it is not too bad. It is there.

I will share a little bit of the proselyting endeavors we have had this week. We had a lesson with the man Henry this week. We extended him a baptismal date. He was very hesitant. He said not yet. He got up a moment and came back with some money. He tried to offer it to us, we told him that we would never take money. But I was worried after the lesson. I truly want to see this man progress. We stopped by his home yesterday to say hello. He expressed that he does not have the clothes for Baptism. We explained he does not need them. And he has accepted to prepare for baptism. Here in Sierra Leone, most of the Christian churches will make you pay money one way or the other for baptism. It is sickening.

In fact, another experience is running into a Pastor for a Church in Freetown, it can amaze me how a man like this can read the Bible every day. Do nothing but things that involve his Church, and be further from coming to the truth than a frequent sinner.

But it is a wonderful thing to find someone who is accepting. We found a young man this week, named Joseph. We gave him a book of Mormon and yesterday we sat down to talk about it a lot more. He had been looking through it quite a lot. He had been told by many people including his Pastor that the book was very evil. But as we read through the introduction for almost an hour talking all about the Nephites, Lamanites and the Jaredites. He was so intrigued. The most powerful moment was when he wanted to read the Testimony of the Three Witnesses. As I read it my mind continued to reflect on these mens testimonies. Joseph was exclaiming to us about how happy he was with the message. We read the last 2 paragraphs of the introduction about praying and receiving an answer and he said I am going to read this book until I get an answer. I feel he will receive his answer very quickly. But, I believe our Heavenly Father will do what is best. But I need to go.
I hope this next week will be full of blessings. I love you Mama.
Love your son,
Elder McDonald.

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