Sunday, February 17, 2013

Plumpy Nut? I Like It


Dear Mama,
     I hope everything is going alright.
How is school going? I hope you are able to deal with your stress lately. Maybe you should tape those pillows back together and make Jared hold them and kick them like I would. That is always fun and a good way to relieve stress.

     This has been a good week here in Bo. But I am so jealous of the snow
You guys are having. This dry season sun is very draining. I cannot wait till the rainy season comes back. I love the rain. I love stormy weather, some of the most relaxing times I ever have.

     I still do not know where Cameron is going and when he will be leaving! But I am so excited for him and Kaitlan as well.  I am also happy about your hysterectomy. I am assuming that will be very nice. But now that adds to the removal of your gall bladder. If you keep losing more body parts they will start having to add robot parts. But I guess it would be cool to have a cyborg for a mother. I cannot believe it’s already your birthday again. We were just in South Carolina, still excited about my mission call because it was fresh.

     I am excited for the music. Do not worry about the time you have taken, I just hope it is sweet. Send me like 2-3 cards including a very large blank one for my camera.  But for the package, it would be nice if you and Dad could get me the matching bag for my geiggerig bladder pack from Holmes Clothing. I want to take it out more for water but it does not work well with my bag. I need the one made for it. But that is all I got so far. I will let you know about further stuff.

     So this week my District and I have been gymming hard core. We hit up this little gym in near our apartment and the personal trainers work us so hard. But we spend most of the time doing pushups in the dirt. But I have never been so sore in my chest and arms before. Elder Lokpo and I have to push all the girls away, they really like our muscles. Really though we had a weird lesson yesterday.  But also all I have been eating is Plumpynut which is the sort of gritty peanut paste meant for children suffering for acute malnutrition. I used to struggle to eat half a packet, but I have eaten 3 so far today. I love that stuff. I think it is actually illegal though. Hmm…But we are happy.

     Whenever you feel down mom, just call Jared a nerd and tell him to go to sleep. That is always fun. Or call Breck and Cameron and make fun of them. But I love you mom.

Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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