Monday, October 8, 2012

Scotts' Brand New Son, Elder Hovley

Elder Scott McDonald with his new companion next to him, Elder Ken Hovley
Dear Mama,
We wont be watching conference til next month. But we heard the news
about the mission age change. That is absolutely insane. To think I am
one of the last ones to go out at 19 when it was the age. I think the
girls age is even crazier. Now that they will be getting back around
the same time as the boys their age. It will be a very good thing for
these young men to begin their missions immediately after high school.
I think a lot do not go because they get caught up in school or some
other business.
So I hope you got some pictures off the mission blog! I am in a bunch
and there is a bunch of our apartment. We are in the Grafton
Apartment. You can even see me leading the other Elders to church :)
I will still try to get some pictures out hopefully soon. So have
Jared write me Dear Elders or something. It is really hard to write
other than you and Dad at email. But I love receiving letters no
matter who they are from.
So things are going sweet. We just had 2 baptisms on Saturday and I
got to have my brand new son Elder Hovley perform the baptisms! It was
a sweet time. Even though it was a bit chaotic because our candidates
were late.
So yesterday was fast Sunday. Fast and Testimony meetings are always
my favorite. I love seeing some of my recent converts go up. And they
always tell a story involving me so it is fun. Oh mom, I honestly
never know what to say in these. There is so much to say that I feel
like I cannot begin. But I hope all things are well there. Keep
telling me about everyone. I will try to improve on my writing skills.
I think I will make next weeks more exciting. Cause my life is very
exciting but I feel like I have not expressed that. So prepare for
hopefully a detailed letter of my life.
Love yo bobo,
Elder McDonald

Just a FYI, Elder Hovley is a close friend of Scotts' friend Kait...small world!
Their apartment with baptism clothes hanging out to dry
Grafton District apartment, Scotty with his new comp, Elder Hovley to his right with blonde hair
The new elders and trainers were on their way to the Kossoh Town Branch a few kilometers away.  First time! Elder McDonald (on the far right) is the only one that knows the way.

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