Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mission Prep

Scotty has been very busy getting ready for his departure for Africa, which is sneaking up on us rather quickly. I haven't seen much of him because he has been having a bit more fun hanging out with his friends...can't blame him much.
We had his first farewell in the Tremonton First Ward where he is officially leaving from. We had a good turnout with family and friends, driving up from Utah County. Jan Rawlinson, a wonderful friend, was so gracious in opening her home for the dinner, we appreciate her so much. Scott and I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful food that was provided, making it a very nice dinner.

For those of you who missed Scott's talk, I have to say that you really missed out! He gave a wonderful talk that had us laughing one minute, then crying the next. I am amazed with his ability to speak with so much humor, and yet, really feel his deep testimony and love of the Savior. He is going to be an incredible missionary and touch the lives of so many. Africa will never be the same once Scott arrives.

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wjhans said...

Scott is going to be an amazing missionary! He will be a blessing to the people in Africa. Love you Scotty!!