Monday, June 25, 2012

Letter and Pictures from Scott

Scott was able to attend the Accra Temple with these elders.  He is loving his mission, and said that he has a wonderful companion, Elder Narteh (far left next to Scott).  Elder Narteh is from Ghana, and will be going on to Sierra Leone with Scott.  He said he is really struggling understanding the African, half the time they speak, he has no idea what they are saying. 

These are the first set of pictures he has been able to send, and is still trying to figure out how to label each with the persons name.  He's not homesick yet, which I am thankful for.  He is really excited to get out of the MTC and actually start teaching.  He is working hard with his studies and feels that he is getting better each day.  He says that Accra, Ghana is very different from the USA, and he is told by everyone that Ghana is the nicest area in all of West Africa.  He is told that Sierra Leone is the poorest of all the states.  He is so excited, which makes me excited and very happy.  Hopefully we will soon be able to put some names with these faces.  I miss you Scotty!

Scotty is well known by his family and friends for always standing out in the crowd by the crazy things he wore, now he stands out just for being white.  Scott's companion, Elder Narteh, is standing next to him on the end.

Scott with his companion Elder Narteh, who is from Ghana

Scott took this picture of the Ghana Temple

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G Mathew Bass said...

Keep up the good work that you are doing. The people of Africa need the gospel of Jesus Christ. You will be an instrument in Heavenly Father's hands to bring the good news of the gospel to them. Remember, one day at a time. Enjoy this experience.