Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ready To Leave The MTC to Teach the Gospel

Scott is only in Ghana until Tuesday, then he is finally able to get out among the people of Africa to teach and serve.  He is growing leaps and bounds already, I can't even imagine the growth that he will have over the next two years.  Scott is with his new companion, Elder Nyonator.  Scott will be leaving for Sierra Leone on Tuesday and would love to hear from anyone now while he still has two more days access to his email.  He is asking for anyone to write to him.  Here is the email I got from him today...and it makes me sad that he is looking daily for emails and not getting them.  He misses everyone here and needs our love and support.  Here is part of the email I received from him today.

" I am leaving for Sierra Leone on Tuesday morning.  I am excited to go and actually be able to use what I know and share the message with the people.  I want to be able to change their lives for the better.  And one thing I know is htat everytime I am able to help someone in their life, that it will help me out just as well.  I feel that it will not be hard to lose myself into the work, I have almost done that already I think.  But it is hard to do so when you do not get the rewarding feeling of helping someone.  I have not actually taught or shared the message with someone who did not have i t yet.  I want you to know that the spirit has been real strong here.  The testimonies of hte Elders has truly helped bring it around.  I am oing to miss the other missionaries that I now call my Brothers.  I am going to do my best to keep in touch with them.  I hope to  hear from you soon. 
Love, Elder McDonald"

I am so proud of this amazing young man.  What an amazing example he has set for his friends and family.  I love sharing these moments with Scott even though he is on the other side of the world.  I can feel his testimony and spirit through these letters and through the strong connection I have with him.
Scott, we are all so proud of you and know you are going to make a difference in not only the people you teach, but those that are blessed to be around you.  They will be able to feel and grow from the strength you radiate.  You are very blessed to be there at this time in your life and Heavenly Father will open up the Windows of Heaven for you.

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