Monday, July 23, 2012

Hamatan Winds

Today is Monday, which means a letter from Scott. What a great way to start the week off. He is doing great as you will see from the letter below. And about the showers, Scotty was one that loved long, hot showers. Maybe it was a good thing when he started practicing taking shorter showers before he left home. It is amazing all the things that we are so blessed with and take for granted. And I think it is time to put together a Sweet Tooth package for him. I think I will send him Double Stuff Oreos since he loved those here. If anyone does send him a package, it's important to put religious stickers all over it, tape it well, and write "missionary supplies" on it. The people in Africa are very superstitious about religious items and will not break into them. If you have some time, write him a letter through, but I can't guarantee that he will have much time to write you back...he seems to be staying very busy there. I will put up more pictures as soon as Sister Roggia posts them. I know she and President Roggia have been doing a lot of traveling this past week.

Dear Family,
Things are going real well here in Sierra Leone. This has been an interesting week. And all things are going well. I am loving it everyday. The days are passing by rather quickly. Much faster than in the MTC. Even though I really liked the MTC. The only thing I do not like is the showering. Showering basically consists of a bucket of cold rain/well water, a bar of soap and I. That first cup each morning is very hard. But there is boku {many} miracles each day. we had boku investigators come fo church on Sunday. And they truly love what they are finding. The heat is kinda bearable, but I am dreading the dry season. We will have many dust storms called Hamatan winds I believe, where is when the dust comes down from the Sahara. I truly wish I was able to post these pictures. They are few but well. All the ones of Sierra Leone so far were taken and posted by Sister Roggia. Mine just will not work. We are having so many people come to us about the Church. Yesterday we had a man call us so he could meet with us. And he is so humble. He has a far way to go before baptism. But he is willing to do what is right. There are so many miracles to share. I am grateful to hear about Jared, he is specifically in my prayer's about that every morning and evening. Each day is getting better. Especially as I become better at teaching and loving what I am doing. It is the hardest thing I have ever done except maybe the Ronnow's roof. In my package I do not have much desire to receive spices. Just small things, do not make it to heavy. I miss the sweets of the U.S. There is a big difference between their definition and ours back home. You are all in my prayerz each day. I promise to be careful and use my net and doxy each day. Love you all
Elder McDonald

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