Monday, July 30, 2012

First Experience with Typhoid Fever

Scott explained why his last letter was so short; he was coming down with Typhoid. I was so exhausted and was down for at least two days with as he quotes, "worst headache ever and fever I have ever had." I am actually glad I didn't know he was sick because I would have worried and felt so helpless. While he was sick, he was given a lot lof time to think. I will post part of this letter here:

Dear Mama,
I want to start off that this has so far been the hardest/best week of my mission so far. Last week my email was short because I only took about 20 minutes of email time. I was exhausted it turns out I was actually coming down with Typhoid. So I spent the first couple days of this week with Typhoid, worst head ache and fever I have ever had. But honestly I am very grateful for it. I was not able to sleep much during it so I had so much time to finally think. Even though when I had my fever to the max I was like how can I possibly survive in a climate like this, Why can't I be in Siberia Russia right now. But now that my senses are straight I am back and so glad I am in this particular mission. These people need nothing but the gospel. And I want to be able to share it with them. So my faith is continuing to grow. I am fully recovered and better than ever from my Typhoid. We have had some wonderful lessons this week that I feel I cannot even begin to express how they are. But the spirit is here with these people and these people just need to know what it is they need to do. My Krio is coming along quite well. It is quite imperative that I learn it because I am getting decent at understanding the people. But the major problem is actually that a lot of the people do not understand me. Sometimes I will talk for about 10 minutes and realize the person did not understand any of the message I just shared. So I throw the small Krio I know and it helps out. Yes, I am living in the Grafton Complex. It is a nice place, we are actually getting a new apartment this wednesday. It will sure be nice. We going to have a big water tank on the roof so it will supply us small running water through out the apartment. I am assuming I will not be in this apartment to long though because we are planning on opening up the Waterloo mission soon. My companion and I cover all the way from Hastings to Waterloo and all of it. We are planning on making Waterloo itself a district with 6 missionaries just there. So my companion and I will more than likely split and each take a missionary unfamiliar to the area. We have been looking at apartments over there and a building to make a Chapel. But also your worry about the glass and barbed wire around the compound fence. No we are not in danger, but there are a lot of Teef's (thieves) who would like to teef our stuff, so it keeps them out.
I have realized how much good this is doing in preparing me for my life and I am so excited for my life. Because time is going pretty quickly out here and before I know it I will be done and onto the rest of my life. This time I am fortunate that the internet is working well enough to attach some pictures, hopefully they send properly. But picture 1 is some of the neighborhood kids mainly the Kanus and brother Kanu and I. 2 is the baptismal candidates we had. 3 Me eating a little bit of cow intestine and brain soup. It wasn't to bad of tasting but the thought of it was sickening. and then a pic or 2 of some of the area. Mom if you get on your email mondays about 8-12 in the morning you may be able to email me immediately back and forth. But I love you so much. And I sure hope you are able to make it to the Temple often. I have really missed it honestly and I get a lot of emotion when I talk to the members here about the temple and how one day maybe there will be one for them. Because it is a lifelong savings to make it to the Ghana Temple once for these people so a lot of them cannot make it. We are so blessed to be in the United States.
Love, Elder McDonald

Scott with a few of the neighbor kids.  They look like his fans to me!

Scott with the Kanu family, ready to be baptized

Seriously?  Scott is eating brain soup with cow intestine!  He said it tasted ok, it's just thinking about it that becomes the problem. 

This is what the area looks like around Scotty.  It is rainy season and they are in lot's of mud. 

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