Monday, August 13, 2012

New Apt and More Miracles

Scott has moved to a new apartment, the details are in his letter below.  Scotty is such a great missionary.  He knows his purpose and is doing everything he should be doing and more.  I am so proud o f him and I miss and love him with all my heart.  He is setting such a great example for his little brother, and the service he is performing is blessing the lives of everyone he knows.  

Dear Mama,
I love the letter's and for my friends I thank them for the letters as well. But it looks like it took almost 30 days to recieve. And it will be about that before everyone gets mine so patience is important :) Do not worry about my living and health conditions, I think I got typhoid because of some stuff I ate. So now I know to be more careful. I will be fine, I could go through it again. It is a good time to rest and really think about things anyway. The days are soooo busy. I wake up and I only have time to think about what I am doing, but I actually do spend a good amount of time each day thinking about what I want for dinner. The new apartment is nice. But the running water is not as great as I thought it would be. It is still very limited because it is only running for as long as we have water in the tank on the roof. And it is unfiltered so we only use it for flushing the toilets and filling our bucket for showering. I am getting used to the way of living, I used to have to say a special prayer to have the courage to pour, before each first cold cup of showering water. But now it is not to bad. I am also not really having any trouble dealing with the people's poverty. I have realized the people aren't starving to death, sure there is malnutrition very much so. But I have not heard of any dying lately of starvation. There is a poor lack of health care though. It is very unfortunate, a woman we know had her 4 year old taken from her and yet when we asked her how she is doing all she could say is"I tell God tenky" Basically I Tell God thanks. So even after that she will not complain of anything. My Krio is slowly improving. But it will still certainly take time. It is a little frustrating because it sounds similar to English so you feel like you could understand it, but then you do not understand. But it is difficult to teach in a way that these people understand. There is a severe lack of education especially in many adults. About half or more of the people we teach cannot read and those ones also do not speak much English. So with time. Those who cannot read when we give them Book of Mormon assignments we just have them go through a few chapters and underline certain words such as God, Spirit or Lord. And then we have them pray about that. Even though they do not understand the scriptures they learn that they talk about God and The Lord quite often  and they are still able to receive revelation to know of the truth of it. My testimony is certainly growing. I feel like I do not have enough time each morning to study all of the things I want. Things have become so interesting to me. Lately I have been very intrigued about the Second Coming and the book of Revelations. But I cannot study it much due to lack of time and it does not pertain to the teachings of the people. But I can study small about it. Right now I am trying to learn how to refine my capabilities of receiving personal revelation, I have had very weird dreams since I have been out on my mission and I think I may start keeping a dream journal and look for answers to my questions in my dreams. I feel like that will be fun. But I will have to work in the time. I hardly have time to write in my daily journal. And there are so many things each day I do not know what to write about. But I will continue to do my best to write in it. I am glad to hear Jared did that thing, even if he was forced. I gotta go, so I will talk to you next week.
Love Elder McDonald.

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