Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walking Slowly Throughout Life... (not anymore!)

Scotty as most of you know, has been a bit on the "easy-going" side of life. Never in a hurry to get anywhere, always taking his time. He has never appeared to be stressed, but always enjoying the ride we call life. Well, things are a little bit different over there in Sierra Leone. He has a companion that see's life a bit differently and takes on a different pace which Scotty is not ready to embrace. I myself think it's kind of funny, and would love to see him actually trying to hurry or even walk at a fast pace. Yep, this mission is definitely going to change him in more ways than we imagined. Keep up the good work Scotty, we are all right behind you!
Let's walk faster Elder McDonald!

Dear Mama,

So glad to hear about the family and what is going on. I am glad Jared got my letter so quickly. And I see he is doing well. Tell him even though he is hanging out with girls he is still a nerd. It is good he is being respectful I am glad to hear that. Let em know that that does not mean you should not tease them though. Cause that is what girls are good for anyway.

So my past week has been very sweet. We baptized this wonderful family on Saturday, honestly these are the most faithful people I have ever met. They showed up the baptism almost 4 hours early, because they did not want to risk being late. The Father has some amazing stories, he shared some of them with my companion and I. Some come from the war and other crazy stories throughout his life. I can tell you this guy should have been dead many times over. But I know the Lord preserved him and that reason as I have told him is to take care of his wife and 4 sons. Who will all go on missions when they come of age. My companion Elder Asiedu and I agreed he would perform the baptisms. It was also his birthday on Saturday. He turned 26! Hehe he is a bit older than me. But he is a great companion. We are getting along real well. But he walks too fast. I have always enjoyed walking slowly throughout my life. I mean I feel we should all walk a bit slower as we learn in Proverbs 19:2.

So we spent some time lately with a Senior couple looking at some more apartments in our area of Waterloo. Now Waterloo is 1 of 3 cities in our area. And we are going to be putting at least 10 missionaries in just Waterloo itself next transfer. Our area is ridiculously to big for the 2 of us. But the mission is growing soooo fast. we have about 100 missionaries currently. And we are only losing 1 next transfer while gaining 21. So missionaries are going to be flooding the mission. We get a total of 50 before more before the end of the year. So we are spending a lot of time doing out of the ordinary missionary work in just preparing this place.

But I am excited for my package! I will be looking forward to it mama. Tell everyone back home I say "Sup". Also send me some supply of sunscreen in the package. So I can be prepared for dry season.

Love Elder McDonald

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