Monday, August 20, 2012

Gladdy Fambo

Apparently Scotty is picking up the Krio language pretty well.  His letters really show that he has embraced the work and has very little time to get homesick.  He has been having some pretty amazing experiences and I can't wait till Christmas to hear all about them.  

If you have any pictures that you think Scott would like, please email them to me and I will load them on a flash-drive that I am sending to him.  I have a package to send, and will be getting another one ready in a couple of weeks, and  hope to have a bunch of pictures for him then.  It got this latest letter this morning, so read on and see why I am so proud of my boy. 

Dear Mama,
I am so gladdy(happy) to see all of the photos. Unfortunately I am not
able to take them off or print them without paying a decent chunk of
Leones.  So if in a future package it would be sweet if you could
actually send them to me on a flash drive. Cause I could really use a
flash drive and that would be a best way of sending me a mass amount
of pictures. Just put a ton on and I will delete what I do not want.
It na(is) so nice to see the Pikin(children) dem and all my
compies(friends) and the fambo(family). So send me those plus boku
more in a flash drive. I am glad to hear about how things are going
well over there. Each week is getting super sweeto out here. I have so
many good stories to share but honestly I do not feel like I can do
them proper justice in text. So I think you may have to wait for very
descript stories at Christmas, which will honestly come pretty quick I
believe. Sometimes I feel sad that I will not have any snow for
Christmas. I will miss the snow. I tell the African Elders about snow
and how cool it is.
So on Saturday I had my very first All-African Service Project. All
the Branches in our district came to Grafton and we planted over 2000
trees. We had to use machetes to clear the bush up on the mountain
side and then with these small wooden tools dig holes to plant the
seedlings. I got sunburned rather bad, but I am recuperating. They fed
us a nice bowl of rice with a chicken stew afterwards. Which is rather
common out here but I love it. Pretty much every FM(free meal) we get
is a big bowl of rice with some sort of stew on it. Very commonly a
leaf stew or plassas. I love potato leaf and cassava leaf and
crain-crain. There is  also Okra but I do not like Okra very much.
I am very excited for my package, and I am very glad you did not spend
160 on it that would be ridiculous. But 61 for a 20 lb package is an
amazing price.
So in my area things are going very sweet. Like I have said in a good
portion of my area which is the town of Waterloo, we are trying to
establish a branch. So the President actually asked my companion and I
to talk to a member there in Waterloo to ask about doing a Sacrament
meeting at his home this Sunday. That will be very interesting.
Today we had a football or soccer match with a bunch of young guys in
the area of Grafton. So it was a very sweet game, but the field is
100% dirt and it was raining this morning and small during the game.
But it was very very slippery. We all went to the ground many times
and got very muddy. I really think it was almost slippery as ice. But
it was a very fun game.
I have been able to take only a small amount of pictures due to time.
But I will slowly try to build up some good ones then send them when
the internet is working well enough.
But everything is sooo sweet and I am finding myself getting more and
more focused on the work. I used to think of random things at night or
about home. But now I am spending a lot more time thinking of these
people. So it is awesome. But I love everyone and hope everyone
continues to do great
Love, Elder McDonald

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