Monday, July 15, 2013

Long Warm Showers? Don't think so.

I thought I had better post this before I get his next letter here it is.  He is truly growing leaps and bounds...becoming a man who is no longer afraid of a little work.  Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when He sent Scotty to a 4th world country.  No cars or bicycles, and now I know that there is no hot water.  I can see he will come back with a greater appreciation for the simple things here, and will see many as unnecessary.

I love you and miss you sooooo much Scotty!

Dear Mama,

I am very happy to hear from you, I knew something went wrong when I did not receive your email last week, but I was not worried.

I am happy to hear you are having fun. I particularly like the story with you and the other Annette. That is wonderful. I am so happy you met her and I hope you are still becoming better friends.
I enjoyed everything about the Light of Christ, I want to go and study those scriptures more and learn more things to apply.

But it truly is seeing the Gospel click with the portion and spirit of Christ in the people. Our area is doing well right now, but we do not have a lot of people progressing. But we have some select very strong people. We have been teaching one man Brother Daniel he is about 27 and his sister Alberta. We started teaching them a few weeks back and they are awesome. They have always been Christian but they lost their faith in the churches they see around the world, particularly Daniel. But as we have been teaching them he has such an inquisitive mind. We have only taught them about the Restoration and Book of Mormon so far. Last week at Church he wrote down a question for me, "Are the Bible prophecies simply that of a clever human mind, or do they bear the hallmark of divine inspiration?" Yes it was a very interesting question we were able to help him with this past week. But yesterday was the second time they have come to church. Yesterday evening I received a text from him saying "I now know that your church is the true church. Every blessed Sunday I go to that church I learn new things." I replied " Yes it is, even we learn new things each Sunday." Then he said " I am now well prepared for my baptism on the 27th." I said "Awesome, it will be a truly wonderful day". Then he sent an awesome little picture of a tree  and said " As God waters His creation. May he also sprinkle His wondrous blessings over you as you continue to share his message to us." Haha it was so cool. I just told him we delight in nothing more than sharing the message with them.
So I am very excited for those two.

I cannot believe Austin is married, very nice for him. I hope it was a nice wedding.
I am glad the kids are doing well and spending time over there with you. I cannot wait to see them again.

Do not worry what you like mama, I will always love you, but maybe you can learn how to cook really well to make up for it just in case. 

I am not upset about Benji, this sounds like the best option for him. I know he will go to someone good. Tell Breck I would never be upset with him, he is one of my best buddies forever. Tell him to email me anyways I want to hear what is up!

Anyways I love you mama,

Love your son,
Elder McDonald

PS I had a revelation the other day, I learned why I am in this mission. It is because I always have to take cold showers, I would take to much time in a mission with warm showers.

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tinita said...

I love warm showers and I like to do it every night.

Thanks for sharing this.

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