Monday, June 24, 2013

New Mission President

Dear Mama,

This past week has gone very well.
I am growing more into home in Allentown, I am really enjoying the District. We have very fun loving guys.
We have found some sweet new investigators this week. We have been teaching and seeing them progress and you can see the light flood into their lives.

That is one thing I really love about the Gospel in our Church, it seems there is almost nothing left unanswered. I have been learning some new things lately that I have really enjoyed. I certainly have broken the goofy side of me out again. I really look to the life of Joseph Smith, how he would play with the children, wrestle in the garden and others felt that it was unfit for someone of his position. But Joseph Smith knew it was part of being a loving person. And who he was. 

In Wellington 1 Branch, we had change in our Branch Presidency, we have young more active presidency now. So I feel it is going to really help in the missionary work. It is certainly fun and stressful being in places where the church organization is not to strong yet. But we are trying to help Freetown East district become a stake. But as for now it is best under the mission president. Speaking of which President Roggia will be going home this week and we will be getting our new mission president, President Ostler.
I am looking forward to it. It will be an exciting event.

I hope all is well at home. I can see it is not perfect, but small small. I am sure it is so peaceful and quiet without Jared around. 

I am glad you are having fun with your friends mama, but always remember to never do anything I wouldn't approve of! Otherwise I will have to set a curfew for you. Or maybe have you put your nose against the wall.
How is your art going? When I come home I want to take some art classes.

I hope you continue to learn many things to share with me to help me to become a better missionary here in Sierra Leone. Sometimes I really do not like being in any sort of leadership position on mission because I wish I could truly devote all efforts to helping my investigators. And so I could relax more in the evening and discuss with Elders instead of worrying about preparing instructions. But I guess I still socialize every night anyways. But then I wont need to worry about falling behind on things.

But I hope you are doing wonderfully, and I am glad you are growing out your hair, and even try letting it go gray. Cause it wont be gray color, more of a "Silver Moonlight across the snow" color. It will look lovely.

But love you mama,
Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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