Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Transfer to Allentown....Sierra Leone

Scotty seems to be right at home there in Africa now...It does not matter where he is sent, he is happy no matter what.  He has grown to love every companion he has been assigned and has grown to love the elders in his district.  He sounds like he is using his time wisely and taking every opportunity to grow spiritually.

Dear Mama,
I am happy things are doing so well.
Most of all not due to just circumstances. Really circumstances could be going crazy and chaotic or boring and still. But I am so happy that you have peace.
I am now in my new District in Allentown. It is relatively close to where I was before. But my proselyting area and branch are in Wellington. A bit closer to downtown Freetown. It is a sweet area. Freetown certainly is much different from Bo. This area is much more city then Rokel was. Rokel was pretty far our of Freetown and was much more rural.
I am doing very well with my companion Elder Baffoe-Appiah, he is from Ghana. But he is very quiet. Sometimes I really like the quiet but you know me. So I talk boku in the apartment at night with the other Elders. We have a wonderful District. My companion and I are the Wellington 1 Elders, we have the Wellington 2 Elder; Elder Nickle from AZ and Elder Animba from Nigeria. They are great guys. The Allentown Elders; Elder Okello from Uganda and he is receiving a new missionary to train tomorrow who is still yet unkown to us. Then we also have the Wellington 1 & 2 Sisters in the district. Of course a different apartment. Sister Awuoche and Sister Ndolo from Kenya. And Sister Owusu from Ghana, and Sister Kioko from Kenya again.
They are all sweet. But its no easy sometimes with Sisters out here. But I know this is a huge opportunity for me to grow. And I have really been finding more peace within myself. A while back in Njaie Town I started doing some of my old Tai Chi stuff. Which I really enjoy.
We had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to have a Zone Conference and Elder John B. Dickson from the seventy came and spoke to us. It was a very powerful talk. I am honestly not too sure what I got from his own words but his instruction was very spiritual and I learned a lot of new things within myself.
But things are very nice here in Freetown. Love you mama,
Love your son,
Elder McDonald
Allentown, Sierra Leone ...you can see that it is now the rainy season

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