Monday, June 3, 2013

Congrats to Will Pingel

Sent May 27th

Dear Mama,

I am very happy to hear from you today.

I am happy Amy and Jaron are doing well. I really enjoyed the testimony of Wilford Woodruff. I also really enjoy the talk and thoughts on prayer. It made me think about my own prayers a lot. And I actually related them to a phone call if I were to call you back home. I reflect on the time when you did find the papers as I prayed. I have seen many prayers answered here on mission. I know I shouldn't be surprised when they are answered but sometimes I am just amazed.

I want to make a goal to make every prayer very heartfelt even if that means keeping them short and simple.

That is awesome about the mission calls. Will Pingel will do awesome, and he fits Germany. Germany would be an awesome mission. That would be awesome for him to read Yearning for the Living God. I love that book so much. I want to read it again as soon as I get back.

Time is flying so fast right now. We are in the last week of the transfer and I will most likely be leaving Njaie Town.
But you never know. But I am ready for something to throw me back onto my toes. I am sometimes a bit to comfortable I feel.

Anyways I hope all is well back home, also I got my package. Thank you soo much. The bag is too cool. Everyone wants it.

But I love you mama,
Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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