Monday, June 24, 2013

One Year And Counting

Dear Mama,

This has been another fast week in the depths of Easter Freetown, through out this week we have had many wonderful lessons.

But our area certainly needs more work and miracles. But we are finding a bit more people. My companion and I are doing very well.

Something I was pondering this week, was about who I am and how I act. I know in the past I may have been guilty of levity when it comes to many things. But being with a very quiet companion atleast while we are  still new together, I have been pretty quiet. But I can truly see the need for levity in my life! Holy smokes. Things are so boring sometimes when I do not feel like being a bit goofy.

So right now I am trying to release my goofiness once again. When I first came to mission I felt like I should be more serious, and I do not think that took me anywhere.

I actually really enjoy the moments you spoke of in this weeks letter. About the experiences. Something I had not thought of in a long time. It is certainly actually a very nice experience to look back on. Always looking at the things I learned and how it effects me to this day. I could feel the love very much, from Heavenly Father, his Son, and you. And how much of an impact it has made. I have looked back on the trials you have faced since I have been gone and seen the advice I have given you, on how in everything learn to laugh and be  goofy. And I believe it really helps.

But Wellington 1 is awesome. I am coming closer to the branch. We have a very funny and old Branch President, he is so tired but he is also 86 years old according to his own words. So we will be getting a new one soon.

Unfortunately my time is done today. But I will see you next week.
Love your son,

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