Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Elder Scott McDonald!!!

Scotty is now 21 years old...where have the days and years gone? It seems like only yesterday that he was hugging his Barney, or stacking all his stuffed animals in the corner of his bed. He has been a joy since the day he was born and he is still a joy today. I can't remember him ever being angry or upset, he has always been so easy going and happy. He has typically been the center of entertainment when he was comfortable, and then at other times, he would be a bit shy. He has always had a strong testimony and a desire to serve his Heavenly Father. I remember a few years before he was ready to leave for a mission, he told me that he wanted to serve in a Third World Country because he didn't want things to be easy for him. Apparently Scotty was in tune to what Heavenly Father had prepared him for as he is now serving where he knew he would be. I am so proud of my son Scotty, he is going to be a strong leader in the church just like his family is and has been. He has some great men who have set strong, righteous examples for him. I love you Scotty, and miss you so much son, but am so happy that you are there giving all you have to the building up of His kingdom.

Dear Mama,

This has been a very nice week. Full of neat experiences, my birthday was such a great day due to the amazing people in my district. They threw a magnificent party for me at a small restaurant we frequently eat at. They even were able to get me a cake. I have some very fun pictures I will try to get to you somehow. But if not you will see them someday. I have made a commitment to upkeep more on my journal. Particularly for you.

I am happy Jared is moving back up. But it will spoil the plans Elder Gherkins and I were putting together to have Jared and his little sister date. But it is best he is home. I am sure he has learned a lot through all this. I am excited for him to be able to go on a mission. He will be great.

I love you mama, I am out of time. You are the best Mama of all Mamas.
Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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