Monday, April 8, 2013

The Work Rolls Forth, Nothing Can Stop It

 Dear Mama,
This week has been a very good week. I would think for the other missionaries when they come to email home for the week it draws their thoughts away from their missionary work. But Mondays are always so motivating, I know that the only way to help there is to focus on what is going on here. I love hearing about conference, I wish we were able to watch it. We will get to watch 2 sessions in Church in like a month or so. But I will mainly wait for the conference edition.

This week we have had many wonderful experiences, the Lord has been providing people for us to teach and bless like crazy. Yesterday at Church our Chapel was filled up. I and the other Elders gave up our seats and had to stand in the door way. And then our Branch President stood up to cut off the testimonies early small and asked that anyone who is attending the church for the first time to stand up. Almost a fourth or so of the Chapel stood up. It was pretty astonishing. out of 125 of the people there like 25 were there investigating the Church.

So the work is going well. I am just hoping to stay in the area, a little under 2 weeks til transfer news and there is a chance I could be transferred. Either way I know it will work out well.
We were fortunate to have interviews with President Roggia on Saturday, it will be the last time we will be interviewed by him. By the next time interviews roll around, it will be with the brand new Mission President. Which will be very exciting. But I will most certainly miss President Roggia.
I hope you guys are doing well back home, PS Elder Hovley says he loves you, and he said his mom said you were talking to her.

Anyways I love you Mama,
Love your son,
Elder McDonald


This sisters dress was made in Ghana while serving a mission there. 

Sent April 6, 2013
Dear Mama,

Yesterday was a national Holiday and so we were not able to email. Hence, why we are emailing today.
I am so happy you have been frequently attending the Temple. I know that you should not miss a single week. It is very important you continue to go.
I do not have to much time today, we need to be heading out soon. But I want you to know I am doing well and healthy and happy.
This week we have been doing a lot of finding and have been handed several people to us by the Lord.
I am going to make it very short this week. Stay strong Mama,
Love your Son,
Elder McDonald

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