Monday, May 6, 2013

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Brings Us Peace

I look at these young men in awe -- every one filled with the Holy Ghost, and so close to our Savior
Dear Mama,

Do not worry, after reading your email I actually feel very peaceful. I hope you are not stressed not hearing from me yesterday. But it was a Sierra Leone National Holiday yesterday. So all places were closed up.

But I felt much peace and joy hearing about your spiritual experience. I truly admire your faith. And with everything that is going on, I do not know if we have had any other time where we have had the opportunity to exercise our Faith so much. I want you to know I am always going to strive to endure as you have been doing. I desire to get my Faith onto the same level as your own. I know that trials are coming your way and you truly are the refiners fire mama, and I believe that it is going to continue until the time I come home. Just always strengthen your faith and hope, as you do so I know I will continue to be blessed in my work over here. And as I do that work I know you will be blessed at home. I just want you to always stay positive while I am gone, in a little over a year I am going to be there to support you always. I am going to work everyday to gain the faith you have, I am going to receive every spiritual gift that I need and am meant to have. And I know that is going to include the faith to heal. And I know you will have the faith to be healed. When the time comes that I return back to you. I am going to heal you myself. 
One of the reasons you never hear me complain about anything of my mission is simply because there is nothing to complain about. Sometimes I wonder what I must do to grow, I feel a lack of the refiners fire. So Satan is going to work on you to get to the both of us. But we all know it is not working. You have told me not to doubt or fear and I promise you I do not and I will not bear either of those things. I know the Lord is watching over you for me.

In my mission things are going wonderfully for Elder Jones and I. We received transfer news on Sunday and I am happy to be staying one more transfer in Njaie Town. We have so many sweet young men to teach right now. But Elder Nwosu has been transferred to my old area of Waterloo. So after almost 11 months we have finally been separated. But I know he has what the less then 1 month old Waterloo branch needs.

I know you will need a pick me up today so I am going to now spend some time trying to send some pictures.

But I love you mama,
Love your son

Elder McDonald
Why not be smiling....they were somehow able to get some ice cream and ate the whole thing! Scotty with his companion, Elder Jones, who is from Kaysville, UT.

This picture was sent to me by Elder Jone's mother.  She said he wanted me to have it, and to let me know that they are under their desks hiding from the "Bread Lady".....I have no clue.  I think it is so cute that they are sitting under there being so studious, yet in hiding.  

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