Monday, May 6, 2013

Excited for Mothers Day phone call

Next month, Scott will be out for an entire year.  I am amazed how fast the time has gone by.  I thought it would drag on, but it makes such a difference when I am able to get his letters on a weekly basis.  He will have quite the journal blog when he returns home.  I miss you so much Scotty!

Dear Mama,

I am so happy to hear from you. You sound to be doing very well. I am glad to hear about Justin and Jared. But most especially about Amy, Jaron and the kids. What they need now is really to be building back relations with the family, wherever their religion takes them for now. I am happy that you are now able to release much of the stress.

This week has been very nice in Sierra Leone. This weekend we had 2 wonderful baptisms and confirmations. Two young men named Charles and Edmond. They are doing so well in the church, particularly Edmond. He has been reading his Book of Mormon like crazy. He loves to study and learn more. The other night he called and asked me where he can find the book of Moses, he was relieved to know he can order it at church.

But I am very astounded at his testimony and the joy he has been receiving. The day of his baptism that evening, he called us just to greet and wanted to tell us how great of a day it has been. So he has now received the Priesthood and is looking to magnify it as much as he can.
We have been teaching sweet people recently. We have these 2 young men who have been giving us an entire bag full of mangoes every time we come. But in investigators class on Sunday, our mission leader wanted to talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. But it ended up in us missionaries needing to convince everyone that God has a body of flesh and bones. But these 2 young men were being very difficult, we used much from the Bible. But when we arrived to their house that evening we asked them about their book of Mormon reading and praying, they know the book to be true and believe Joseph Smith to be a true prophet. So after talking about the Nature of God for a long time. I simply shared D&C 130:22 and they then completely believed. Oh the wonderful restored truths.

But time is going so fast here. We are already almost half way done with this transfer and then I will probably leave Njaie Town. But who knows.
But I hope to hear more from you next week in fact on Sunday. I hope you are able to get everything figured out for the phone call.

 Love your son
Elder McDonald.

He is such a natural with children, they all love him. She is a beautiful girl. 

It amazes me how the people there carry everything on their heads

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