Thursday, October 10, 2013

September's Letters from Scotty

I have been neglecting this blog for much too long. School is in full-throttle, and I have been taking a couple of trips to AZ to see my youngest son, Jared. I am posting his latest letters here. They are all pretty short because he has a limited time in a public internet cafe.He loves his mission and is beginning to panic that he is running out of time. I miss him so much, but I know he is where he belongs right now.

Dear Mama,
I am happy you are doing well, this week has been so wonderful and so busy. I love my companion Elder Mosenthal so much, he is the greatest guy. We have been having such spiritual lessons as long as we are putting all our hearts into it. When Moroni talks of Charity and Love and how we must use all energy of heart in praying to the Father to get it. I realized I also really have to plan for these people with all energy of heart in order to get it as well.We are loving the mountains of Wellington 2. Even though we get pretty sweaty sometimes it feels good to be working hard. We have been so busy lately having almost no time in the evenings but it is making time like a dream. So I am really trying to up my journal keeping skills so I do not lose any moments. And I will try to take a lot of pictures.

I want you to tell Jared I am so proud of him. I want to write him a letter soon. In fact I want to write everyone. But I am not mighty with the pen.It is really fun leading these missionaries here in Freetown East, especially because the people I work with mainly is Elder Hovley and Elder Gherkins they are 2 wonderful guys to be around.This week we had one lesson with a brother named Lahai. He had been missing church a bit but he is a wonderful spirit. To teach him we took a recent convert brother Kelly with us to go teach him. And when brother Kelly was really urging Lahai to come to church, he replied he was missing church because of the rain. So brother Kelly pulled out 10000 Leones right there and gave it to him so he could go buy an umbrella. It was the coolest thing.

But this week is nice I love you mama,
Talk to you more next week.

Love your son,
Elder McDonald

September 23, 2013
Dear Mama,

I am happy you are having a good time in Arizona, I really am so proud of Jared, in fact you were supposed to tell me what school he is going to! I need to know.
Tell Aunt Holly I say hello as well.

I am very happy to read this letter today. I was telling Elder Gherkins today for almost an hour about the wonderful relationship I have with my Mother, and how there is never been a single argument or anything of the sort with us. I want to let you know you truly are the best mother.

This week has been an amazing week for me. This past Tuesday we had a Zone Conference with Elder Curtis of the 70. Before the Zone Conference he wanted to have a small council with all the Zone Leaders, so there was 6 of us, President/Sister Ostler and Elder/Sister Curtis. It was an experience to be with him. >

This week has been very spiritual, I have really tried to draw nigh unto the Lord and make my prayers much more meaningful and seek inspiration in all things. I have felt the Spirit almost constantly this week and have seen the inspiration flowing through my companion and myself. Thursday my companion and I sat down and just discussed a bunch of things while we were waiting for an investigator. And the next day we led a leadership training for some of the District Leaders and Sister Leaders in our zone. We gave them time to express any concerns or needs of their Districts and everything that came up was what my companion and I had discussed the week before. It was a very spiritual meeting and we all left having learned many new things. I truly have the greatest companion. We are learning so much together, and we have been working our tails off. We have been pushing ourselves to our limits in mind, heart and strength and I know that has to do with why Heavenly Father is so apparent in our lives. We had many people come to Church this week and it was a wonderful Sabbath.

I love Jared's talk and he did wonderfully, I do not think I will ever see it at least until I come home. We are preparing one young man(about 24) for baptism this week, Lahai. He is doing so wonderfully and he is a good friend. I am so happy in seeing his excitement. He was feeling very sick in Church yesterday but it was the day of his baptismal interview. I told him we could come to his house later that day. But he wanted to stay, he was falling asleep with his head against my shoulder in Sacrament meeting and then slept on my companions lap all through Elders Quorum.But I am so happy at the moment. I am loving Wellington and the people I am with and my companion. This Zone is great and I just want to help them a bit more before I leave Wellington.

Anyways, I love you Mama.
Love your son,
Elder McDonald

PS let me know what school Jared is now attending.

September 30, 2013

Dear Mama,
I am happy you are doing well. Do not stress too much. Do you remember what I said after the last time I shattered the car window?

I certainly am proud of Jared, but I feel a bit weird in this public cafe with so many shirtless pictures of him haha. He is getting big though, but he will never be able to beat me up. I will kung fu smash him.

Lately in the mission things are going so wonderfully. I love my companion so much he is the best. We are trying to do our best here in Wellington. We are really trying to stretch ourselves and do the best we can possibly can. But I am running out of time so I will type quick. Elder Gherkins is trying to distract me. But we have had a wonderful week. I am more excited for this week. We are going to town for our mission leadership council again. It will be very nice.
Lately I am really working on the sincerity of my prayers, how did you get your prayers so sincere? What do kind of things to you thank/ask/ tell him? Any advice or tips on how I can increase my own power of prayer?

Anyways I love you mama and I am proud of you.Love your son,
Elder McDonald

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