Monday, August 26, 2013

FOR TIMES OF TROUBLE...Spiritual Solace From The Psalms- Elder Jeffrey Holland

I had listened to a wonderful DVD of Elder Holland addressing a small group of people.  He answered their questions that were focused on the turbulent times we live in and drawing many answers from Psalms.  I shared many of the things I learned last night in my letter to him.  I am thankful that I was in tune to the promptings of the Spirit and was able to lift him in his times of trouble. 

He spoke about hearing the promptings of the spirit, and I felt that this was something Scotty might need to  hear right now.  This is what I wrote:
Hearing the Promptings of the Spirit, as shared by Elder Holland;  "Standard rule, If you follow a prompting as you get it, then you will get more of them, if you don't follow the prompting, you will have less of them.   The two extremes are -- you will be having them all the time, or you will have none at all."  Without knowing our daily circumstances, Elder Holland knows that if we will try to respond to that prompting, it is a message to God that we are listening and that we care. He counsels Stake Presidents when they are called to expect a flood of revelations, and to keep a 3x5 card or small notebook in their pocket, pen and paper by the bed, because they will receive these promptings at any hour of the day or night.  If it is not recorded at the moment received, it will be lost.  "Heaven will be watching to see what you will do with that."  He believes that God watches and asks Himself, "who's interested" and He will speak to those who are willing to listen.  He said President Monson is one long story of following the promptings of the Spirit. Sister Holland spoke about the New Testament, and shared her belief that Heavenly Father is always in us, all of the time.  We are usually doing far more good than we realize because He is always in us.  Believe in ourselves no matter how we feel that we are.  Her favorite passages is in the 8th chapter of Romans....if God is with us, who can be against us.  "We are all going to have our moments, but the course, the direction is absolutely clear that He is for us and blessing us, and EVERYTHING will work for our good."

Dear Mama,
I really enjoyed your letter today. It was an interesting time to have it come. This week has been a wonderful and the most busy week on mission so as well. This week we had an emergency transfer and my companion Elder Animba has gone to the other District for the next two weeks. And I took the other Elders companion, who happens to be my MTC companion Elder Narteh. Elder Animba and I are still the Zone Leaders, so since I am still in the ZL area it is like I almost a single Zone Leader. But I am actually really enjoying it. I feel happy keeping myself constantly busy and productive.
Elder Narteh and I have been having a good time. He is a sweet guy. I am also trying to figure out what to do with the area. I had hardly been there 2 weeks when Elder Animba left. So right now I truly have to rely on the Spirit constantly right now.
I am glad you enjoyed Arizona, but Mama, you know I know how you work to much. Anyways I have got to go. But mission is wonderful right now, we were sad to have 2 of our sisters finish their missions and go home. I will certainly miss them.
Anyways, love you Mama,
love your son,

Elder McDonald

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