Monday, August 26, 2013

When the Rain Comes Down...

Dear Mama,

I hope you are having a good time in Arizona. I am sure it is pretty stinking hot. Right now the weather is super nice here in Sierra Leone. We are in the heart of rain season, so it has been pouring on us hard lately. And Elder Nickle who just went home apparently theifed my umbrella, so I have just been putting my scriptures and small
things in a plastic bag and I go full out to soak. It is really nice. I even feel cold sometimes, so I have been making myself lots of ovaltine. Which is delicious and I do not know why you never gave me any before mom!

I am glad you got to see some of the family. I hope everyone is doing well. So this past week has been soooo busy. I came into this position and probably one of the busiest times in ever. On Tuesday we had to
transport over to Western Freetown so that we could attend the newly established Mission Leadership Council, we had the very first one. Where all the Zone Leaders and Assistants meet with President and Sister Ostler. We just discussed everything going on in the mission and he is making us missionaries a big part in what he does. It is very different from President Roggia. But it is really nice. It felt like King Arthur and his knights of the round table having a meeting in Camelot. So we are preparing for the flood of missionaries. But the biggest focus in the mission right now is, families. We are now all purely looking to find, teach and baptize families. If they are not in a family investigating the church or a part member family, we only teach you if you are real serious. So it is a twist for us here mainly because it is hard enough to find a nuclear family here. Let alone one all interested and willing to keep commitments. But we have already seen much proof that it is inspired and so we are doing
all that we can. And we are finding success. I am enjoying my time in Wellington 2 but I spent 2 days in other areas on exchanges. So we are almost always busy. But I love being busy. Anyways I hope all is well at home and I will let you know more next week.

I love you Mama,
Love your son,
Elder McDonald

PS you will see what I did with the pictures a bit later.
And in the next package you and Dad send, I really need some personal money.

No umbrella and loving it!

Scotty is behind the umbrella man, and Elder Hovley, his buddy, is to Scotty's left, the blonde, cute curly-haired one.  :-)

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