Thursday, August 1, 2013

Commitment, Determination with a lot of Balance

I hope that every missionary is as happy as Scotty is on their mission.  I am amazed and so proud of his hard work and commitment to the people and his mission.  He has set such a great example for me, and has inspired me to be stronger in my faith, knowing that all things are blessings from our Heavenly Father, and that He is always aware of us and helps us in every step and every decision we make.  I hope to make Scotty as proud of me as I am of him.  

Dear Mama,

This week has been such a wonderful week, right now I am currently with Elder Gherkins, he  the new District Leader replacing me in Wellington 1. But Elder Baffoe-Appiah was transferred last minute so I am showing him the area and helping him out and next week I go to Wellington 2 as ZL.

But this last week has been so spiritual Elder Gherkins and I are so similar. But we are really focusing on the missionary work and it is so awesome. Every lesson we teach we are so unified that the Spirit just floods in. In fact even this past Saturday we taught one man named Aruna who lives FAR FAR up the mountain about a 30 minute hike to his house and then another 20 minutes to the church. But it was a wonderful lesson about the Restoration and he loved it. The next day he came to church. What is the most impressive is he only has one leg and came down and traveled on his crutches. But he loved church.

Next week I will be going to Elder Animba, I am still in the same apartment and I am excited to serve with him. He is a wonderful guy. But haha I guess you saw my companion and I toting the couch for one of our members. Luckily we are the exact same height.

Yes I can see that you see I have been called to another position, I was actually hoping to keep it a bit on the down low though hehe. I do not want to do anything for the glory of men at the moment. But do not worry that you posted it. But the last thing I want to look like is a bragger.
But mission is so amazing right now. I have been constantly feeling the spirit particularly through the unity we have at the moment.

That is surprising about Jared, but I know he will do well there. It will make him a bit more of a man. And at the rate he was going he might have become to attached and would have been a very homesick missionary. It will toughen him up a bit.

Just really stay close to Justin and the kids at the moment. Try to find activities to do with Justin. Like watch movies with him and such, even if you need to watch weird Sci-Fi movies. Hehe, but Mama I want you to know I am doing as much as I can to make you proud right now. And I am proud to have you as my Mama.

But I gotta go fill a survey so I love you Mama,
Love your son,

Elder McDonald

Elder McDonald and Elder Gherkins helping on move day
Scott and his companion Elder Gherkins were challenged by the Senior Couple to carry a piece of furniture on their heads since all the natives do it.
And Off they go!!!!
Notice the human transport is ahead of the vehicle transport

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